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Key Facts
The Shanxi project in full development could sustain an estimated
3,000 horizontal gas wells, giving it the potential to become
one of the largest CBM projects in the world.


Over the past 20 years, China’s economy has grown 500% and personal incomes have quadrupled.China is now a member of the World Trade Organization and has a vested interest in abiding by business rules and the contract law of all major industrialized countries. China’s largest trading partner is the U.S. and imports from China are annualizing $124 billion this year. China exports five times more to the U.S. than they import, contributing to the largest trade imbalance ever recorded between two countries. Trade is growing so far this year by 32%. The U.S. is the most important customer to China. The U.S. imports about as much from China as they do from Germany, France and Italy combined.  It is important to emphasize that China and the U.S. are now commercially linked major partners in the world economy. Because of the above, "Country risk" is now most likely not at all applicable to China. Also, more foreign investment went to China last year from all over the world than the U.S. and the U.K. combined. The business of China is now business.

China is energy deficient and coalbed methane may play a big part in China’s energy future. Natural gas consumption in China is rising rapidly, fueled by an unprecedented economic boom. China’s State Council is pushing for a four fold increase in natural gas usage by 2010, and has mandated that natural gas replace coal as the major source for electricity by the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. According to the New York Times, if China in the future uses as much energy per capita as the U.S., it will amount to more energy than is currently produced worldwide (Nicholas Kristoff NY Times, June 3, 2003).

Chevron-Texaco, and BP Amoco have CBM joint ventures ongoing in China.

Far East Energy has accumulated a substantial land package in China with China United Coalbed Methane Co. (China United) and ConocoPhillips to exploit total gas-in-place estimated by ConocoPhillips and Yunnan Provincial Coal Geology Bureau to be potentially 18.3 to 24.9 trillion cubic feet (Tcf). Using a very conservative recovery rate of 50%, recoverable CBM resources are potentially 9.2 Tcf to 12.5 Tcf (FEEC’s share is 4.8 Tcf to 6.9 Tcf depending upon CUCBM and ConocoPhillips participation).

The following summary underscores the scope of the company’s China projects:

• Shanxi 6.55 – 9.8 Tcf of recoverable CBM resources
• Enhong 1.10 Tcf of recoverable CBM resources
• Laochang 1.55 Tcf of recoverable CBM resources








Investor Relations

4/28/06 -Far East Energy Corporation Reschedules Annual Meeting of Stockholders to September 26, 2006

3/13/06 -Far East Energy Corporation Sets Annual Meeting of Stockholders for June 6, 2006

3/7/06 -Far East Energy Annouces China Drilling Update

2/7/06 -Far East Energy Provides China Operations Update

12/19/05 -Far East Energy Corporation Announces Spudding of Second Horizontal Well in China

12/6/05 -Far East Energy Provides China Operations Update

11/01/05 -Far East Energy Starts Completion Operations on First Horizontal Well; Prepares to Drill Second

10/13/05 -Far East Energy Corporation Announces Completion of Recent Financing Transactions

9/26/05 -Far East Energy Annouces $10.9 Million Equity Financing for China Operations

08/10/05 -Far East Energy Updates Progress on its First Horizontal Wells in China

06/20/05 -Houston’s Far East Energy Joins with Chinese Officials at Well Site to Commemorate Commencement of Horizontal Drilling

06/08/05 -Far East Energy Corporation Announces Spudding of its First Horizontal Well in China

05/25/05 -Far East Energy Corporation Signs Contracts for First Horizontal Wells

05/13/05 -Far East Energy Corporation Reschedules Annual Meeting of Stockholders to May 27, 2005

04/18/05 -Far East Energy Corporation Plans to Spud First Horizontal Wells

03/16/05 -Far East Energy Corporation Sets Annual Meeting of Stockholders for May 24, 2005

02/24/05 -
Far East Energy Updates Operations in China

01/19/05 -
Far East Energy Appoints Tim Whyte as Director and John Mihm as Chairman of the Board

01/04/05 -Director Resigns from Far East Energy Board


12/27/04 -Far East Energy Announces the Closing of $10.25 Million Equity Financing for China Operations

09/27/04 -Far East Energy Announces Status of Hydraulic Fracture Process

09/08/04 -Far East Energy Provides Progress Update on China; $6.0 million in New Capital Raised in First Half of 2004; Contract Signed for First Hydraulic Fracture Test at Shanxi Province in September

09/06/04 -Far East Energy Pressing Big CBM Schemes in China

07/26/04 -China Looking at Coalbed Methane to Ease Transition to Natural Gas

07/23/04 -Board Appointment Raises Bar for Corporate Governance Standards

07/20/04 -Far East Energy Appoints Independent Board Committees and Announces the Addition of Randall Keys to Board of Directors as a Financial Expert

06/03/04 -ConocoPhillips Retired Sr. VP Joins Far East Energy’s Board of Directors

05/27/04 -Far East Energy Adds Two International Oil and Gas Industry Leaders as Outside Directors

05/20/04 -China's energy appetite fuels record prices.

05/19/04 -Far East Energy Meets Financial Obligation for ConocoPhillips Agreement for Million-Acre Coalbed Methane Project in China

05/13/04 - Bruce Huff Joins Far East Energy as Chief Financial Officer

04/19/04 - China Ministry of Commerce Approves Far East Energy/ConocoPhillips Agreement; Favorable Results from Third Well in Yunnan Province Reported

04/14/04 - U.S. Sees Huge Growth in World Energy Demand

03/18/04 - Far East Energy Spuds Third Well in China

03/17/04 - Far East Energy Reports Test Results on Second China CBM Well

03/16/04 - China Puts Investment in Natural Gas

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