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Code of Conduct

This Code of Business Conduct applies to Far East Energy Corporation and its consolidated subsidiaries, together referred to below as "our company."


Our company is committed to achieving environmental, health and safety excellence. This is the responsibility of management and employees in all functions. Our company will strive to provide a safe and healthy working environment and to avoid adverse impact or injury to the environment and the communities in which we do business.


We expect each employee to use sound judgement to help us maintain appropriate compliance procedures and to carry out our business in compliance with laws and high ethical standards. Each employee of our company is expected to read this code and demonstrate personal commitment to the standards set forth in this code of conduct.

Our officers and other supervising employees are expected to be leaders in demonstrating this personal commitment to the standards outlined in this code and recognizing indications of illegal or improper conduct.

All employees are expected to report appropriately any indications of illegal or improper conduct.

An employee who does not comply with the standards set forth in this code may be subject to discipline in light of the nature of the violation, including termination of employment.

The Code of Business Conduct is not a contract and is not intended as a detailed guide for all situations. Employees are also expected to comply with our employee handbook and other workplace rules we may (from time to time) communicate, all of which supplement this code of business conduct.

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Where to Report Your Concerns

If you wish to report of discuss any problem concerning our company, please promptly inform your supervising manager or report the matter to:

Chief Financial Officer
(832) 598-0470

Communications intended to be confidential should be mailed in writing without indicating name or address to:

333 N. Sam Houston Parkway East
Suite 230
Houston, TX 77060
Attention: Chief Financial Officer

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